Why Turkish Series So Popular

Why Turkish Series So Popular?

Currently, Latin America, Spain, Arab and Middle Asian countries are most interested in Turkish TV series that have been screened in more than 100 countries so far. Why are these series, which have set a record of viewing abroad, so appreciated? Although there are many answers to this question, especially the similarity of the social values of these countries with Turkey and the fact that they see Turkey as a cultural bridge.

Turkey is one of the three countries that exports the most series to the world. Turkish TV series have been screened in more than 100 countries, and their export figures are over 350 million dollars in 2019. In Turkey, this figure is expected to reach 1 billion dollars in 2025.

In 2014, Chile Mega channel laid the foundation for the interest in Turkish TV series in the Latin American region, with the TV series “One Thousand and One Nights”. (Turkish: Binbir Gece) The TV series “One Thousand and One Nights” broke the viewing records in Chile. According to the analysis made by the ‘todotvnews’ website in 18 countries, 51 Turkish series continue to be broadcast on TV channels in the Latin America region as of August.

Turkish Series Binbir Gece
Turkish Series Binbir Gece


There is also a great interest in Turkish TV series in Spain after Latin America. In 2018, the Spanish Telenovela channel started broadcasting the series ‘What is Fatmagul’s Fault?’ (Turkish: Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?) and the series rose to the position of the most watched series of the channel.

What is the Fatmagul's Fault?
“What is the Fatmagul’s Fault?” Poster in Spanish


After the series “What’s Fatmagül’s Fault”, the Spanish channel also started broadcasting the series “Black Money Love” (Turkish: Kara Para Aşk), “Elif”, “Ezel”, “Sila”, “Medcezir”, “Anne” (Turkish: Mother) and “I Named Her Feriha” (Turkish: Adını Feriha Koydum).

So why is Turkish series preferred?

The answer to this question is that the content of Turkish serials is intriguing, they are shot in interesting and fairy-tale locations, and the production quality is good.

Since Turkey is a multicultural country, it has actors and actresses that appeal to every eye. (brunette, brown hair, blonde, colored eyes etc…)  The acting of actors and actresses is very much appreciated. Due to the fact that it is a multicultural country, the players have physical characteristics that represent different ethnicities.

The series also reflect social changes very well, such as migration from the countryside to the city, domestic violence, arranged marriages, rich-poor conflicts, urbanization conflicts, family values. Turkey is like an east-west synthesis in terms of culture. In addition to the fact that the world sees Turkey as a bridge in a geographical sense, it also sees it as a bridge in terms of culture. At the same time, their social values are similar.

For the first time in the world of Turkish TV series, Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East attracted a lot of attention in 2008. Then it quickly spread throughout the countries of Latin America and Middle Asia. In recent years, it has started to be shown on the Western European market and even in the USA.

The Magnificent Century
The “Magnificent Century” series, which played an important role in the spread of Turkish TV series.


The reason for choosing Turkish TV series that offer a wide variety of content varies from region to region. For example, in Spain, series with ethical problems related to rich-poor relationships and domestic problems are preferred more often, while in Latin America, series with strong conflicts and moral considerations such as one-night stands, a woman in love with her rapist are preferred.

In the Middle East, Middle Asia and Eastern Europe, mostly Istanbul, the modern life of the Turks, and the TV series about Ottoman history come to the fore.

Resurrection: Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul)
Resurrection: Ertugrul (Turkish: Dirilis Ertugrul)


The series “Resurrection of Ertugrul”, which tells about the life of “Ertugrul Gazi”, the father of Osman Bey, who founded the Ottoman Empire, and the adventures of Turks in Anatolia, has been breaking viewing records in Latin American countries and Central Asian countries in recent years.

Maduro is a complete fan of the Ertugrul
Venezuelan president Maduro is a complete fan of the series!


Venezuelan president Maduro has stated that he loves and loves the series Dirilis Ertugrul. He even posed in the clothes and coat of arms of the “Kayi Tribe”, which was mentioned in the series.

Resurrection Ertugrul Maduro
Maduro also visited the set of the series in Istanbul.


In addition, Pakistani President Imran Khan stated that he found the series very impressive and recommended it to those who want to watch it. Many politicians in Pakistan are also among the followers of the series.

Pakistan Minister Ertugrul
Former Member of the State Assembly Hina Pervaiz Butt 

Netflix Partnership

In addition, in recent years, new Turkish TV series have been filmed in partnership with Netflix and presented to viewers in many countries. We see that mostly old period, documentaries, fantasy and youth serials are the subject.

Love 101 Turkish Series
Love 101 one of the Turkish Youth Series


Love 101 (Turkish: Aşk 101) is a love and friendship themed series about high school life in Turkey. The series has become quite popular, especially in Latin America and Spain.

Rise of Empires Ottoman
Rise of Empires Ottoman


It was presented to the audience via Netflix as a mini-series telling the life of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, who destroyed the Byzantine Empire by conquering Istanbul aka Constantinople, and the story of conquering Istanbul.

Turkish Superhero Series: The Protector
Turkish Superhero Series: The Protector


The Netflix series The Protector is about the struggle of a Turkish superhero, Hakan, against evil forces.

Many more Turkish TV series can be included in this list. These are just a few… As you can see, Turkish TV series have become very popular in recent years. Well, have you ever watched a Turkish series? If you watched it, which was your choice? Please specify in the comments.

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