Turkish Slap

What is the Ottoman Slap and How Effective Is It?

What is the Ottoman Slap? The Ottoman slap emerged as a fighting style during the Ottoman Empire. It is among the most well-known Ottoman martial arts. This slap, called Azab soldiers, was used in field battles by the unit that went first in battles and aimed to knock out or …

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Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling

Turkish Coffee Fortune-Telling – Meaning of Figures and Symbols

We have explained how Turkish coffee emerged, how Europe met “coffee” thanks to the Turks, and the recipe for Turkish coffee in our article here. Today, we will talk about the Turkish coffee fortune-telling culture (Tasseography), which has an important place in Turkish culture. The expertise of the Turks in …

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Best Turkish Rugs

World-Famous Magnificent Handmade Turkish Carpets & Rugs

What is the Turkish Carpets? Turkish carpet or Turkish rug weaving, which is one of the first weaving traditions that come to mind when it comes to authentic carpets in the world, tells the history of Turks and Turkish culture that stretches over centuries and many geographies through Turkish carpet …

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Turkish Oil Wrestling

Turkish Oil Wrestling – What Are the Hands Holding!

Oil wrestling is a traditional Turkish sport. Wrestlers are so named because they wrestle with oil on their bodies. It is a sport that requires great strength and mastery as it becomes difficult for the wrestlers to hold each other due to their bodies being oiled. Turkish Oil Wrestling History …

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