Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling

Turkish Coffee Fortune-Telling – Meaning of Figures and Symbols

We have explained how Turkish coffee emerged, how Europe met “coffee” thanks to the Turks, and the recipe for Turkish coffee in our article here. Today, we will talk about the Turkish coffee fortune-telling culture (Tasseography), which has an important place in Turkish culture.

The expertise of the Turks in fortune telling goes back to ancient times, when they lived in Central Asia before the adoption of Islam. Before Islam, Turks believed in shamanism. “Irk Bitig”, written in the Gokturk alphabet in the 9th century and the first work of urban culture, is a fortune-telling book. According to what is known, fortune-telling culture passes to Turkish society through Shamanism. “Irk Bitig” was compiled from the mouth of a shaman.

Turkish Shaman
Turkish shamans used to communicate with the past and the future by fortune telling.

What is Coffee Fortune? (Tasseography)

It is the cooking style that gives the taste of Turkish coffee. Ground coffee (Telve in Turkish) is formed when the cooked coffee sinks to the bottom of the cup. The grounds also form vague shapes in the cup. Coffee fortunes emerged by interpreting these shapes.

It is known that coffee fortune-telling first appeared in the Ottoman Palaces in the 1500s. Turkish coffee is a coffee culture that later spread to Bosnia, the Middle East and the Balkans, and then to many parts of the world. But coffee fortune telling is mostly a form of fortune-telling belonging to Turkish culture. When they were bored, the concubines in the harem used to drink Turkish coffee and tell each other fortunes to chat and gossip.

Turkish coffee was very popular in the Ottoman period.
Turkish coffee was very popular in the Ottoman period.

Today, coffee fortune-telling is an indispensable part of friendships. According to expert psychologists, people use fortune-telling to feel good, happy and safe. Especially women like to tell their stories and tell fortunes because of their curiosity about the future. It is believed that fortune telling gives information on issues such as love, success, work and health.

How to Read Coffee Fortune Telling?

In order to read coffee fortunes, first of all, Turkish coffee is drunk and the cup is closed to the bottom plate. Traditionally, a metal such as a coin or ring is placed on the top of the inverted cup to allow it to cool quickly. After it has cooled down well, the cup is opened by saying, “Well, let me be good luck”. After the cup has cooled down, it is opened by a powerful fortune teller who trusts her 6th sense. The fortune teller interprets the shapes he sees in the cup by comparing them to some objects and living things. Coffee fortune telling is known as a fortune telling for both the past and the future.

We have prepared a guide for those who want to read coffee fortunes but do not know how to interpret shapes.

Coffee fortune
In coffee fortune telling, past and future predictions are made by interpreting the shapes.

Guide: The Meaning of the Symbols/Shapes in the Coffee Fortune-Telling

There are many symbols in the coffee fortune. Symbols/Shapes may not have very clear and clear shapes. Here, the ingenuity is in the person who interprets the fortune-telling. People with strong sixth sense analyze more easily.

Here are the meanings of symbols and shapes in Turkish coffee fortune-telling culture;

  • Home: You are now free from sickness and troubles. Things are working out. There is a happy marriage, a legacy from the countryside.
  • Vulture: There is a financial loss, the danger of bankruptcy. A thief can break into your home.
  • Scorpio: You are about to be deceived, beware. You can come to someone’s game near you.
  • Light bulb: Your troubles will be over, happy and joyful days are waiting for you.
    Car: There are people around you who love you, don’t break them. You and a good friend can get decadent.
  • Fishes: Very soon you will have a significant financial income. There is success, luck and short happiness.
  • Snake: Look to reveal your hidden enemies. There may be a person or people around you who seem friendly to you, but who struggle for your evil.
  • Head: You will have a baby boy. It is also interpreted that you will solve your financial problems with the help of a friend.
  • Suitcase: You are at the stage of making important decisions, and a journey is in sight.
  • Flag: A friend will call you to your aid. A danger awaits you and your environment.
  • Horn: You gossip too much. You will see the damage.
  • Bell: Your wishes will come true soon. If the bell is at the bottom of the cup, your wishes will not come true, but you will receive news. Two bells are interpreted as heralds of great joy.
  • Anchor: You will be successful in your new venture. If the anchor is at the top of the cup, it indicates that you will embark on a useful journey, while the anchor in the middle indicates a social success. If the anchor is too vague, it means you will face social difficulties.
  • Cross: Means that you will disagree with your friends. It foretells some quarrels, a disagreement between you and one of your relatives, and some difficulties in business life.
  • Ostrich: You will get unexpected money.
  • Camel: You will go on a journey. There can be joy or sorrow at the end of this journey. So it’s an uncertain journey.
  • Pregnant: Continue to struggle in your job despite all the difficulties. You may have to deal with troubles and problems.
  • Bride and groom: An important part of your wishes will come true. Peaceful days
  • Eye: There are some envious people. You will meet a friend you have not seen for a long time.
  • Dagger: There are people around you who want to endanger you. You are in danger, be careful.
  • Crescent: It is a sign that you will receive news that will make you happy.
  • Rooster: You have insidious enemies who want to quarrel with your friends. You will get a good job and good news.
  • Castle: Trust the person who loves and protects you. You are a master at making others accept your ideas. Also good and happy days are waiting for you.
  • Eagle: You will have everything you fight for. You have a determined and patient personality.
  • Shoes: It is interpreted as going to a guest. You will receive news that will surprise you. It can also be your guest.
  • Ski/Boat: You will cast aside your sorrows and troubles. Happy days are coming soon.
  • Cat: Your friends around you will both benefit and harm you. You may need to reconsider your relationships with your friends. Someone expects love and affection from you.
  • Butterfly: Don’t put your family and yourself at risk by believing in fake friends. You will have an innocent love adventure. There are daily joys and frivolities.
  • Dog: Believe and trust the sincerity of the person who loves you.
  • Frog: It is interpreted that you will have a meeting with a person you love, which is very important for you.
  • Stork: You may have to travel constantly due to a problem.
  • Lemon: You will meet a wealthy person with whom you have little in common. Pay attention to relationships.
  • Mushroom: It means you have a large circle of friends or rise in your social life or relationship. If the cork is close to the cup handle, you can get a summer flat.
  • Desk: You will be invited to a business meeting. It is interpreted as a new business partner or a new business agreement.
  • Letter: You will soon receive good news. The letter is often interpreted as news.
  • Motorcycle: You will see important help from one of your friends who love you in the days to come.
  • Arrow: You will fall in love with lightning, after a little effort he will love you too. Your hard work and perseverance will pay off.
  • Comb: You will enter a relationship where you will be happy. Comb is interpreted as a romantic relationship.
  • Phone: There is good news today.
  • Airplane: It means a sudden trip to get a problematic job done.
  • Iron: The news that you have been waiting for a long time has finally arrived.
  • Bat: Heralds that you will get rid of worries and anxieties.
  • Fan: It is interpreted that all your troubles will come to an end.
  • Egg: It means a great fortune.
  • Olive: You will meet a good friend with good intentions. It will be of great benefit to you.

Examples of shapes/symbols you can see in the cup;

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