How to make turkish coffee

Turkish Coffee Culture & How to Make Turkish Coffee?

Turkish Coffee is the name of the coffee preparation and cooking method discovered by the Turks. It has a special taste, foam, smell, cooking, serving… in short, it has its own unique identity and tradition.

The History of Turkish Coffee

The drink, which was previously obtained by boiling coffee fruit on the Arabian Peninsula, has acquired its true coffee flavor and unique aroma with the brand new preparation and cooking method of the Turks. Europe, which got acquainted with coffee thanks to the Turks, has been preparing and consuming coffee in this way for many years as Turkish Coffee.

In 1543, the Governor of Yemen, Ozdemir Pasha, brought coffee to Istanbul, the taste of which he admired. Thanks to the brand new preparation method found by the Turks, coffee was cooked in stews and coffee pots and received the name of Turkish Coffee.

The first coffee shops were opened in Istanbul, Tahtakale in 1554 and quickly spread throughout the city, thanks to which the people got acquainted with coffee. Coffeehouses and coffee culture, where books and beautiful articles were read around the clock, chess and backgammon were played, poetry and literary conversations were held, made their mark on the social life of the period. Coffee, which took its place in the palace kitchen and in homes, began to be consumed in large quantities. It was served with great care to the most respectable friends.

In a short time, thanks to the merchants and travelers who made their way to Istanbul and the Ottoman envoys, the taste and reputation first spread to Europe and then to the whole world.

Turkish coffee was very popular in the Ottoman period.
It was very popular in the Ottoman period. Especially the women in the palace used coffee fortune-telling.

How is it preferred?

Originating from South and Central America, arabica type, Turkish Coffee, which is blended from high quality coffee beans and roasted meticulously, is ground very finely. It is cooked with the help of a coffee pot (you can see turkish style coffee pots below) with the addition of water and, if desired, sugar. It is served with small cups. Before drinking, wait a short time for the grounds to settle to the bottom.

Compared to other methods, boiling coffee is especially preferred in the Turkish method. The resulting boil is a very light boil, and most often it is the interaction of very finely ground coffee with heated water, rather than a serious increase in temperature.

Coffee enthusiasts prefer drunk in small sips for its dense body, exquisite taste and persistent aroma in the mouth.

Turkish Coffee served with Turkish delight.
Usually served with Turkish delight. This is an Ottoman tradition.

Cultural Influence

Like the tea time tradition in the English, coffee has a time in Turkish society. It is usually drunk between morning and afternoon meals. Again, it is the only type of coffee used to tell the future with coffee fortune telling, which led to the birth of enterprises called coffee shops. It has been a traditional element of religious holidays and “traditional asking for the girl’s hand in marriage” ceremonies. In a Turkish proverb, this culture was also supported and it was said that “A cup of coffee has a forty-year memory”. This proverb expresses satisfaction with the coffee offering.

Old Style Bronze Turkish Coffee Pot
Old Style Copper Turkish Style Coffee Pot (Nowadays, stainless steel and glass (pyrex) coffee pots are more preferred.)

How to Make Turkish Coffee?

Turkish Coffee Recipe

  1. Add 2 teaspoons of Turkish Coffee for each cup to the coffee pot and 1 teaspoon of sugar if you want to drink it with sugar.
  2. Then put 1 cup of Turkish Coffee in cold drinking water for each cup.
  3. Mix the coffee (and sugar, if you added it) with water so that it is well soaked and dissolved.
  4. Cook the coffee pot over low heat until the foam forms on it, wait for it to approach the boiling point.
  5. Before starting to boil, remove from a low heat and add the coffee foam that bubbles up in the top layer in equal parts to the cups.

Bon appetit! – Afiyet olsun 🙂 Note: Note that the cups are quite small, as in the photo. You can check other Turkish foods also in our site.

Turkish coffee cups are quite small.
Turkish style coffee cups are quite small.

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