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Everything About Turkish Breakfast, The Richest Breakfast In The World!

Famous Turkish Breakfast

Turkish cuisine has a rich culinary culture that includes a wide variety of different dishes. One of the most interesting and interesting is the famous Turkish breakfasts. Turkish breakfast is the breakfast with the widest variety in the world, especially with its rich presentation, a wide variety of salty and sweet varieties, and beverages. For this reason, it is unlikely that you will feel unfulfilled after a Turkish breakfast.

turkish breakfast
Welcome to the Richest Breakfast in the World

One of the most important meals for Turkish people is breakfast. Especially weekend breakfasts can take up to a few hours with the participation of their friends. You will soon understand the reasons for this better. Do not forget that breakfast in Turkey is the richest breakfast you can see!

The Most Important Features of Turkish Breakfast:

  • It has a very wide menu variety.
  • It carries a mixture of Western and Eastern cuisine features. Many foods and drinks in both Aegean, Mediterranean, and Eastern cultures are on the table.
  • Due to the developed climate and farming, fresh vegetables and fruits are consumed in abundance for breakfast. For this reason, it is quite healthy.
  • It appeals to everyone due to its variety of products. Vegetarians or Vegans who do not consume meat can also enjoy Turkish breakfast very much.
  • Turkish breakfasts are indispensable for large groups of friends. Groups of friends come together on weekends and new friendships emerge.
Spinkle Breakfast
“Sprinkle Breakfast” brings with it quite a lot of options.

What Is Included In Traditional Turkish Breakfast?

Turkish breakfast is not just a meal, it is an experience. The breakfast, designed to be social, shared, and delicious, consists of many small plates, both salty and sweet, accompanied by bread and endless tea. Turkish traditional breakfast usually includes fried or scrambled eggs with tomatoes (scrambled eggs or menemen). Cucumbers and tomatoes, olives, a plate of local cheese, honey, and cream are part of the breakfast. Generally, jam, butter, breakfast sauces, pastries with sausage and cheese, spinach, or minced meat will also be on the breakfast table. Let’s take a look at the products in the Turkish breakfast in detail.

Tomatoes and Cucumbers with Olive Oil

Among the indispensable Turkish traditional breakfast is a plate of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers with plenty of olive oil. Often there is also green pepper in it. Optionally, it is sprinkled with salt and thyme. Especially fresh bread is eaten dipped in Mediterranean olive oil. It takes place on the breakfast tables in all regions of Turkey.

tomato & cucumber
Tomatoes and cucumbers with olive oil are definitely on the table.

Cheese Varieties

Another indispensable element of Turkish breakfast is cheese. There are many types of cheese in Turkey. Since these cheese types differ from region to region, you can see different cheeses for breakfast in each region. Usually, several different types of cheese are served at each breakfast.

Turkish Cheese
A cheese plate of various cheeses decorates the breakfast tables.

Olive Varieties

The world’s best olives are grown on Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. For this reason, olives and olive oil have an important place in Turkish breakfasts. A classic Turkish traditional breakfast always includes black olives and green olives with lemon. In addition to this, there are dozens of olive species in Turkey according to the production technique. You are likely to encounter many different kinds of olives in Turkish breakfast.

Turkish olives
In Turkey, which is one of the countries where the best quality olives are produced in the world, there are many kinds of olives for breakfast.

Eggs and Menemen

One of the most important elements of a classic Turkish breakfast is eggs. It is just a few of its good features it keeps you full for long hours, is a source of protein, benefits muscle and bone development, and strengthens the immune system. For breakfast, eggs are eaten in a boiled form, as an omelet, or by making “Menemen”, a type of omelet typical of the Turks.

Menemen is a breakfast dish that is made with eggs, tomatoes, peppers, optionally onion and olive oil, and is loved by Turks for breakfast.

Types of Jams

Jam is a kind of sweet made by boiling fruits with sugar in various ways. It is a delicacy found on every table in breakfasts in Turkey. We mentioned that Turkey is quite advanced in the field of farming. For this reason, organic jams of many fruits and even vegetables are made. Strawberry, cherry, raspberry, orange, cherry, apricot, fig, quince jams are just a few of them. It is common to consume jam, which is generally spread on bread, by pouring it on curd cheese.

Turkish jams
A wide variety of jams are produced and decorate the tables in Turkey.

Flower and Pine Honeys

Turkey is highly developed in the field of beekeeping and honey production. For this reason, many types of honey are produced. There is no need to explain the benefits of 100% natural honey. Flower Honey and Pine Honey are mainly consumed. It is found on every breakfast table. It is also consumed by spreading honey and clotted cream on bread in Turkey. We recommend everyone who comes to Turkey to taste this amazing duo.

honey and cream
Honey and Clotted Cream duo are among the indispensables of breakfast.

Fresh Butter

Butter is also included in every breakfast. It is very common to eat natural butter that is spread on hot bread or honey and jam on bread that is spread with butter.

turkish butter
The natural butter of the Black Sea region is quite famous.

Tahini – Molasses Mixture

Tahini, which is sesame in different processes, is not just a breakfast delicacy. Tahini, which contains many vitamins, also prevents hunger. When tahini is mixed with molasses, it is sweetened and a perfect flavor emerges. We definitely recommend that you try it.

tahini molasses mix
If you haven’t tried it before, the combination of tahini and molasses will surprise you.

Turkish Sausage: Sucuk

The star of Turkish breakfast is sausage. The city of Kayseri, located in Central Anatolia, is famous for its sausages. Turkish sausages, prepared with the special spices and techniques of the Turks, are one of the most special specialties of breakfast. It is fried with olive oil in a pan and optionally, eggs are added to it. In addition to the unique taste of sausage for breakfast, even dipping bread in its oil is a different pleasure. Be sure to try it.

Sucuk is the star of Turkish breakfast!

Simit: Turkish Bagel

The unique taste of breakfasts in Turkey, especially when it’s hot and crispy, you can’t eat it… Crispy, warm, fragrant bagels are definitely available for breakfast. Sometimes it accompanies rich Turkish breakfasts, sometimes it is bought from street vendors to catch up with work and consumed quickly as breakfast. Turkish Bagel, which you cannot see in any other country, consists of flour, yeast, molasses, and sesame. Bagels, which are baked for about 30 minutes in a preheated oven set at 200 degrees, can be sprinkled with jam and honey for breakfast; It is consumed by dipping into the fat of the sausage and in many other ways.

Turkish Bagel
A crispy Simit can be eaten for breakfast by spreading butter or spreading sweets such as jam and honey.

Various Turkish Bread

Bread for breakfast is very important for Turks. Because there are many flavors to dip. Bread acts as a base for these flavors. Different breads are made in every region of Anatolia. Crispy, warm, sesame breads are preferred.

turkish bread
There is so much to dip in for breakfast. It is the most suitable tool if it is bread! Bread is usually unlimited in Turkish breakfasts.

Fenugreek Breakfast Sauces (Acuka)

Breakfast sauces spread on bread are very famous, especially in Balkan and Middle Eastern cuisine. Therefore, you will find these breakfast sauces in Turkish breakfast. Olive oil, spicy, walnuts, and many spices are included in a variety.

The choice of those who want to flavor their breakfast with spicy sauces is acuka.

Various Turkish Pastries

Another chain of tastes that has a special place in Turkish breakfast varieties is pastries. In this chain, you can taste many types of pastry, from cheese to potato. “Pişi”, which is prepared by frying the dough, is another important taste of the traditional Turkish breakfast. In addition, pastries, buns, and pancakes are among the most assertive tastes of pastries.

“Pisi or Pişi” is a different type of pastry that you can see in Turkish breakfasts.

Kuymak or Mıhlama

It is a unique flavor obtained by cooking special cheese with cream and corn flour with a special technique. It is definitely included in the breakfasts, especially in the Black Sea region. But you can also find it in the big cities of the country.

A unique flavor made with Kuymak or Mıhlama special cheese, butter and cornmeal. Be careful, it can be addictive.

Turkish Tea

Turkish tea is always included in the breakfasts. It is not possible to see a breakfast without tea while having breakfast in Turkey. It grows in the Black Sea region of northern Turkey. Hot, smoky tea is definitely on the table.

Turkish tea
And of course, Turkish tea is a must for breakfast! You will see the tea arrive at your table before you even ask.

And other delicacies included in breakfast…

The products included in the traditional breakfast are mentioned above. However, apart from these, there are many products in Turkish breakfast. Some of these are sausage, salami, french fries, chocolate, pancakes, peanut and hazelnut pastes, orange juice, etc.

There are also different products such as french fries, sausages, and salami.

Types of Breakfast in Turkey

There are various types of breakfast in Turkey. We can list them as follows: Menu Breakfasts, Sprinkle Breakfasts, and Open Buffet.

  • In menu breakfasts, it is a relatively narrow type of breakfast that is included in the menu in your hand. It is not preferred by the Turks. (For example tomato and cucumber plate with olive oil, cheese, honey, bread, and tea)
  • Sprinkle breakfast, on the other hand, is the type of breakfast that Turks love and prefer to go out on the weekend. It is usually found in private businesses that only serve breakfast. The reason why it is called “sprinkle” is that many things in Turkish breakfast cuisine are served on the table in a little bit. It is almost both a taste and a visual feast. In Turkish: “Serpme Kahvalti”. When you go to Turkey, you will definitely see this phrase on the signs.
  • Open Buffet is the breakfast that is usually served in hotels. Although not as much as a spread breakfast, some hotels have a product variety close to a spread breakfast. You create your own menu by filling your plate with the things you want to eat.
Open Buffed Turkish Breakfast
An example of a buffet breakfast. If you look too much, you may get hungry.

Breakfast Culture of Anatolia by Regions

Aegean & Mediterranean Breakfast

Compared to other regions, the Aegean & Mediterranean Regions are quite generous in terms of greens for breakfast. Feta cheese and olives are accompanied by the region’s leading herbs, as well as a kind of pastry, boyoz. In addition, we come across a wide variety of jams, especially in the Mediterranean region.

Located on the Aegean coast of Turkey, the city of Izmir is the place where the “Boyoz” was born and best made.

Central Anatolian Breakfast

Breakfast reaches a completely different dimension in the Central Anatolia Region. Classical breakfast tables are sometimes accompanied by offal. The offal is accompanied by pastries, sausage, pastrami, and fenugreek.

Eastern Anatolia & Southeastern Anatolia Breakfast

Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia Regions are among those that include offal for breakfast. The liver shows itself as a frequently preferred flavor in breakfast. Beyran soup, semsek, zahter, cheese bread, and pistachio wrap are among the indispensable tastes of breakfast tables in this region.

  • Van Breakfast: It is the famous breakfast of the city of Van, located on the historical Silk Road in Eastern Anatolia. Van breakfast table has a very wide variety. In general, Van honey, yogurt cream, milk cream, butter, tzatziki, herbed cheese, knitted cheese, feta cheese, fried or fried eggs, olives, murtuğa, kavut, gencirun, and lavash, and muffins cooked in special ovens are the main foods of Van breakfast. You can see the “Van Breakfast” sign in many cities such as Istanbul. You will never regret it once you step inside.
  • Gaziantep Breakfast: Gaziantep, which is included in UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network in the field of gastronomy, is one of the most delicious cities of Turkish cuisine. Traditional Turkish breakfast foods such as cheeses, olives, jams, honey and cream, seasonal greens, vegetables, pastries, fries, eggs, and dairy products have an important place in Gaziantep breakfast. However, the most commonly consumed breakfast items in Gaziantep are beyran soup, cartlak kebab, liver and katmer (Kind of dessert). If you like to start the day with high energy, Gaziantep breakfast is just for you.
A photo of Van breakfast
A photo of Van breakfast

Black Sea Breakfast

In the Black Sea Region, breakfast turns into a feast. Regional delicacies such as cornbread, kuymak-muhlama, kaygana, roasted pickles provide a great start to the day. Of course, we should not forget the Black Sea tea, which is the homeland of tea in Turkey.

We explained the breakfast culture in Turkey in detail to you. I hope you liked the Traditional Turkish Breakfast guide that we prepared for you. See you on another topic!

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