The Most Common Turkish Names

What Are The Most Common Male & Female Turkish Names ?

Turkish names, as in every society, reflect the way of life of the Turkish society, the social structure and the structure of thought, are considered the mirror of society. Societies have their own traditions of giving names. In ancient Turks, it was called according to a job that children achieved until they reached the age of puberty.

A baby born is given an middle name when cutting the umbilical cord. Until recently, it was the duty of family elders to make the real name, but today it is the duty of parents. The feelings, thoughts, beliefs, impressions, experiences, longings, hopes and expectations of the people who will name them and the traditions from history are the main sources in choosing a name.

What Are the Sources of Turkish Names?

We can divide the source of the names of the Turks into two parts. The first is the names that are in their Native Turkish. That is, names that were not Arabic before Islam. These are usually names of Central Asian origin. These names usually come from commanders, heroism, valor, nature and epics.

  • Example for that names: Bilge, İstemi, Kültigin, Selcuk, Bumin…

The second source is names of Arabic origin after the transition to Islam. One of the influential factors on the names used here is religion. The names and attributes of Allah, the names and attributes of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, the names of other prophets, caliphs, relatives and friends of the prophet, and saints mentioned in the Qur’an are commonly used.

  • Example for that names: Ahmet, Mustafa, Hüseyin, Ali, İbrahim, Fatma…

The Most Used Turkish Names

Male Names; Mehmet, Mustafa, Ahmet, Ali, Hüseyin, Hasan, İbrahim, İsmail, Osman, Yusuf, Murat, Ömer, Ramazan, Halil, Süleyman, Abdullah, Mahmut, Recep, Salih, Fatih, Kadir, Emre, Mehmet Ali, Hakan, Adem, Kemal, Yaşar, Bekir, Musa, Metin, Bayram, Serkan, Orhan, Burak, Furkan, Gökhan, Yasin, Uğur, Yakup, Muhammet, Muhammed, Şükrü, Cemal, Enes, Yunus, Arif, Onur, Yılmaz, Şaban, Halil İbrahim.

Female Names; Fatma, Ayşe, Emine, Hatice, Zeynep, Elif, Meryem, Şerife, Zehra, Sultan, Hanife, Merve, Havva, Zeliha, Esra, Fadime, Özlem, Hacer, Yasemin, Melek, Rabia, Hülya, Cemile, Sevim, Gülsüm, Leyla, Dilek, Büşra, Aysel, Songül, Kübra, Halime, Esma, Aynur, Hayriye, Kadriye, Tuğba, Sevgi, Rukiye, Hava, Sibel, Derya, Asiye, Filiz, Keziban, Ebru, Ayşegül, Döndü, Selma, Ayten.

Unisex Names; Yaşar, Ayhan, Dursun, İsmet, Muzaffer, Ümit, Özgür, İlhan, Hikmet, Yüksel, Özcan, Fikret, Cihan, Şerif, Deniz, Servet, Yücel, Sefa, Hidayet, Sezer, Olcay, Saffet, Güngör, Durdu, Günay, Ömür, İlkay, Kamuran, Kudret, Satı, Şenel, Elvan, Seyhan, Zülfü, Muhterem, Güner.

Most Used Male Names Top 3;

  • Mehmet (2.7 million)
  • Mustafa (2 million)
  • Ahmet (1.7 million)

Most Used Female Names Top 3;

  • Fatma (2.6 million)
  • Ayse (2 million)
  • Emine (1.6 million)

The Most Preferred Names in 2020 for Babies;

Most Used Boy Names Top 10;

  • Yusuf
  • Eymen
  • Miraç
  • Ömer Asaf
  • Ömer
  • Mustafa
  • Kerem
  • Miran
  • Hamza
  • Ahmet

Most Used Girl Names Top 10;

  • Zeynep
  • Elif
  • Defne
  • Asel
  • Azra
  • Eylül
  • Ebrar
  • Asya
  • Öykü
  • Ecrin

We have shared with you the most preferred and used Turkish names. Don’t forget to check out our other articles as well!

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