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Who is the Famous Turkish Actor Kerem Bursin? Is He An American?

Kerem Bursin (Bürsin in Turkish) is a Turkish actor. He was born on June 4, 1987 in Istanbul. Bursin has lived in countries such as Scotland (Edinburgh), Indonesia (Medan, Jakarta), United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai), Turkey (Ankara, Istanbul), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), USA (Texas, Boston, Los Angeles) during his childhood. Then in 1999, when he was 12 years old, he moved to the USA with his family. He has a sister named Melis Bürsin. His father Pamir Bürsin is a petroleum engineer. Kerem Bursin’s height is 1.79 m.

Kerem Bursin
                                             Kerem Bursin


He went to high school in Texas. While studying marketing communications at Emerson College Boston, he acted in some of the school’s films and theaters. The interest he received there caused him to finish his last semester in Los Angeles by studying acting. He was chosen as the best actor in the high school theater competition across the USA. Bursin, who also took acting lessons from many famous names, later came to Turkey and started acting. He acts as a bilingual in Turkish and English in both Hollywood and Turkish productions.

Kerem Bursin is an actor who takes good care of himself.
Kerem Bursin is an actor who takes good care of himself.


He has received awards from many institutions and universities. He won the Golden Butterfly Award given to artists in Turkey. He was also selected as the most successful actor by GQ Turkey magazine. It has a large fan base, especially in Latin America and the Middle East. The last serial in which he played, “You Knock My Door” (Sen Çal Kapımı), is shown in many countries of the world. He had a love affair with his co-star in the series, Hande Ercel, but they separated at the beginning of 2022.

Sen Cal Kapimi 2
Hande Ercel and her role partner Kerem Bursin. You Knock My Door (Sen Cal Kapimi)

TV Series Starring Kerem Bursin

  • Waiting for the Sun (Günesi Beklerken) / Kerem Sayer/Güneş Sayer / 2013-2014
  • Bub Istanbul (Ulan Istanbul) / Yiğit Kılıç – Guest / 2014
  • A Matter of Honor (Şeref Meselesi) / Yiğit Kılıç / 2014-2015
  • This City Will Come Behind (Bu Şehir Arkadan Gelecek) / Ali Smith / 2017
  • Gorgeous Duo (Muhtesem Ikili) / Mustafa Kerim Can / MKC / 2018-2019
  • You Knock My Door (Sen Cal Kapimi) / Serkan Bolat / 2020-2021

Movies Starring Kerem Bursin

  • Thursday / Grauss / 2006 – USA
  • Strawberry Melancholy / Travis / 2007 – USA
  • Wendigo / Andy / 2010 – USA
  • Sharktopus / Andy Flynn / 2010 – USA
  • Palace of the Damned / Adam / 2013 – USA
  • If I Forgot, Whisper (Unutursam Fısılda) / Erhan / 2014 – Turkey
  • Good Game (İyi Oyun) / Rüzgar / 2018 – Turkey
  • Sacrifice of Life (Can Feda) / Captain Pilot Onur / 2018 – Turkey
  • Violet (Eflatun) / Oflaz / 2020 – Turkey


He has appeared in advertisements for the following companies: El Polo Loco, Line, Lipton, Turkcell, Mavi, Nike, Garanti Bank, Nescafe, H&M, Hublot, Under Armour, BMW.

Kerem Bursin’s Instagram: He has over 10 million followers. His account name: thebursin


Kerem Bursin loves his sunglasses.
Kerem Bursin loves his sunglasses.


Kerem Bursin Hande Ercel
Kerem Bursin & Hande Ercel

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