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Who is the Famous Turkish Actor Can Yaman? The serials he starred in.

Can YamanCan Yaman is a Turkish actor. He was born on 08 November 1989 in Istanbul. He graduated from Italian High School as the first. In the last year of high school, he studied in Ohio, USA, with a student exchange program. Afterward, he graduated from Yeditepe University, Department of Law in 2012 with honors. While still at university, he went to Washington with an exchange program and took law classes. After graduation, he worked as a lawyer for six months in a world-renowned corporate firm called PriceWaterhouseCoopers for a 1-year compulsory internship.

He is fluent in English and Italian. While working as a lawyer in 2014, he also took acting lessons in an art workshop. His grandmother is Macedonian and his grandfather is of Yugoslav origin and has no siblings.

Can Yaman, a licensed basketball player, is also interested in Football, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Table Tennis, Rafting, and Badminton. He also took dance training as he believed it would contribute to his acting. Yaman has a large fan base, especially in Italy, Spain, and Latin America. He has received awards from many institutions and universities. He won the Golden Butterfly Award given to artists in Turkey in 2018. Also, he was also selected as the most successful actor by GQ Turkey Magazine in 2019. (Source: Fox TV)

He cares a lot about his form.
He cares a lot about his form.


Can Yaman was the guest of the Italian television channel Canale 5’s charity program “Che Posta Perte”. The program broke rating records in Italy. At the same time, apart from Italy, it was included in the TT list in Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic. The famous Italian historical character will play a leading role in the TV series “Sandokan”. He will also play a leading role in a TV series shot for the Disney Plus platform in Turkey.

Can Yaman, who was in love with the famous Italian sports announcer Diletta Leotta, was on the agenda of the Italian magazine for a long time. There are rumors that he is in love with Francesca Chillemi, the former Italian Beauty Queen, his new co-star in the series Sandokan.

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta Caught Through the Lenses of Italian Magazines.
Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta Caught Through the Lenses of Italian Magazines.

TV Series Starring Can Yaman

  • Affairs of the Heart (Gonul Isleri)  / Bedir Kocadag – (Understudy)/ 2014-2015
  • Love Out-of-Spite (Inadina Ask) / Yalın Aras / 2015-2016
  • Which of Us Did Not Love (Hangimiz Sevmedik) / Tarik Cam / 2016-2017
  • Full Moon (Dolunay) / Ferit Aslan / 2017
  • Early Bird (Erkenci Kus) / Can Divit / 2018-2019
  • Mr. False (Bay Yanlış) / Ozgür Atasoy / 2020

Discussions About Can Yaman

Libido Statement

In an interview, Yaman said:  “If Demet had been a bit snobbish, we would never have been compatible. For example, I had a problem with Selen Soyder, my partner in the TV series ‘Which We Didn’t Love. That’s why the lead couples need to have a high libido. I always say that the actors are divided into two: those with libido and those without libido. If the audience asks, “Do they really make love? Don’t they?” If he doesn’t think so, it won’t work.” He was criticized by many celebrities after the interview.

Backroom Expression

Yaman was asked by the female audience in a television program in Spain, where he was invited, “Can you tell us something that will prove that Can Yaman is from this world?” “Let’s go to the back room.” gave the answer. Yaman, who was criticized a lot in the face of this answer, said that his answer was a “completely instantaneous joke“.

It is seen that Can Yaman changes his style very often.
It is seen that Can Yaman changes his style very often.

When Can Yaman came to Madrid, Spain in 2019, there was a stampede at the airport. Similar images were also seen in Italy.

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