Detailed Marmaris Guide! The Best Things To Do In Marmaris!

Marmaris is one of the tourist havens of Turkey. It is a port city located in the province of Mugla at the intersection of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Mediterranean climate prevails in the city. As of 2020, the population of the district is approximately 96,000. However, in summer, this population approaches a million with the tourists coming to the city. Marmaris appeals to visitors of all ages with its clean coves, lively nightlife, and unique nature.

What’s Marmaris Like?

With its rich history and magnificent nature, Marmaris Peninsula has been the settlement of numerous civilizations throughout history and has hosted many ports and cities with its geographical location. With its natural beauties, long coastline, magnificent view from the hills covered with pine forests, untouched coves, unique beaches, ancient cities, yacht marinas, and all kinds of activities, Marmaris welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Marmaris Centree
Marina in Marmaris City Center

Why is Marmaris Popular?

Marmaris has an important place among tourism destinations. So why is it so popular? Here are the reasons;

  • Nature is amazing! It is a natural paradise with untouched green forests, deep blue and clear sea, and untouched natural coves and islands.
  • Marine activities are highly developed. It has many activities such as international yacht races, diving, and boat tours.
  • Humidity is lower than in the Mediterranean regions. You can spend your summer vacation much more comfortably.
  • History and nature are intertwined. Untouched ancient cities and structures can be seen among the forests. The region is especially famous for its unique Carian culture.
  • It is more economical than other popular holiday resorts. (such as Bodrum, Fethiye)
  • It is in a very strategic location. It is located at the intersection of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. You can explore the Aegean by going to the North, and the Mediterranean by going to the East.
  • You can consume healthy and natural fruits, vegetables, and meals in the region where farming is developed.
  • It has an active, colorful, and alternative nightlife.
A special place where you can enjoy both the sea and nature

Location of Marmaris in Turkey

Transportation to Marmaris

There are many alternatives to come to Marmaris. Dalaman airport, another district of Muğla province, is only 88 kilometers away from Marmaris. Many domestic and international flights depart from this airport.

You can also find bus services almost every day from many cities in Turkey (Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, etc.). The journey by bus is approximately 13 hours from Istanbul, 5 hours from Izmir, 10 hours from Ankara, and 3 hours from Bodrum. Since it is located in the geography where the Aegean and the Mediterranean intersect, it is also very close to many other holiday regions. Therefore, by renting a car, you can visit many beaches, ancient cities and other big cities in the region.

Istanbul to Marmaris: If there is no plane from the country you want to come from, you can first come to Istanbul and fly to Marmaris from there.

Center of Marmaris

We can divide the city center of Marmaris into the Old City and the Present City. In the old city, there are Castle, Dock, and Marmaris Marina. You can see many structures from the 16th century, dating back to the Ottoman Period, especially around the hillside where Marmaris Castle is located.

Marmaris Castle
Narrow streets with cobblestones around Marmaris Castle will fascinate you.


Many of these historic buildings and structures have been restored over time and still serve as restaurants, bars, and shops. There are very few buildings used as houses. Wandering among the wooden houses in the narrow streets of the historical city center offers a very impressive experience. In addition, the Archeology Museum and Marmaris Grand Bazaar are among the must-see places in this historical region.

Other important areas in the center of Marmaris, which are very preferred for accommodation are Uzunyalı Beach (Long Beach), Siteler, and the Armutalan area right behind these beaches.

marmaris night
Marmaris City Center Night View

Things to Do in Marmaris

Marmaris offers its visitors a perfect nature, a deep blue sea, fun sea activities, countless ancient cities, and vibrant nightlife. We have listed the places you need to go to and the activities you need to do.

Marmaris Beaches

Marmaris Public Beach

Marmaris Public Beach starts in the center of Marmaris and then joins with Uzunyalı beach. It is the easiest beach to swim in Marmaris when you are overwhelmed by the heat during the day.

Marmaris Public Beach
Marmaris Public Beach

Uzunyali Beach

Uzunyali Beach starts right after Marmaris Public Beach and continues along the approximately 10 kilometers coastline extending to İçmeler, including the Siteler hotel’s region. There are walking paths along the beach and many quality restaurants and cafes at the back of the beach serve holidaymakers.

Uzunyali Beach
Uzunyalı beach, located in the city center, is very popular.

Icmeler Beach

Icmeler is one of the most popular places in Marmaris. It is the closest and preferred residential area to Marmaris, especially thanks to its accommodation and beach facilities. Marmaris and Icmeler are like inseparable parts.

The distance between Icmeler and Marmaris is 8 kilometers and there are minibus services throughout the day, including at night. Nature and the sea are amazing. It offers holidaymakers a nice leisure experience with its islets opposite and its high hills covered with forests.

Icmeler Beach
Icmeler beach is one of the best beaches not only in Marmaris but also in Turkey.

Turunc Beach

Turunc is a small coastal village 21 kilometers from Marmaris. It offers fascinating opportunities to its visitors with its magnificent nature, hotels, and restaurants. Turunc Bay has the title of a blue flag beach. So the sea and beaches are clean and clear. Necessary beach facilities for yachts are also available. Another activity in Turunc is diving. The underwater environment is very beautiful and clear. Turunc is one of the popular diving spots due to the abundance of rocky areas and underwater caves.

Turunc Marmaris
Turunc bay and its village are fascinating

Kumlubük Beach

It is located approximately 5 kilometers from the seaside village of Turunc. It has a very wide beach. The beach is full of pebbles, not sand. For this reason, the sea coast is also very clean and clear. We recommend sea shoes to enter the sea more comfortably. There are no entrance fees or parking. The area in question is also not included in the market, so we recommend that you take your food with you.

Kumlubuk has very clean water like many bays in Marmaris.

Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach is one of the touristic and must-see places located Sedir Island, 16 kilometers north of Marmaris. The region is famous for its golden beaches and sea. Sedir Island is also known as Cleopatra Island and is mostly referred to by this name. Rumor has it that Cleopatra is believed to have swum here, and that’s why it’s called Cleopatra Beach.

The city walls of the ancient city of Cedrae, the remains of the plaque, and the ancient theater are also located here. Cleopatra Island is a very nice excursion and picnic area. Here you can enjoy the sea and the beach and have a picnic and sightseeing fun at the same time. Çamlık pier is the place for boat trips to the island.

Cleaopatra beach marmaris
Cleopatra beach on Cleopatra Island is one of the indispensable points of boat tours.

Kizkumu Beach

It is located 30 kilometers southwest of Marmaris. It is located in Orhaniye, one of the popular holiday resorts of Marmaris. It is known for giving the feeling of walking in the middle of the sea due to the 600-meter shallow area, 3 meters wide, stretching like a sunken path in the middle of the cove. At the end of the path consisting of red sands, there is a statue depicting the princess, the protagonist of the legend that gave Kızkumu its name. The water level increases as you get closer to the statue. There is an island in the middle of the cove; The ruins on the island are thought to belong to the ancient city of Bybassos.

Kizkumu Marmaris
Kizkumu has a very interesting and colorful appearance.

Ciftlik Beach

Ciftlik, a charming coastal village located 33 kilometers southwest of Marmaris, is one of the places you must see. The beach, which takes its name from this village, is covered with large-grained sand. Such large sands are rarely seen in Marmaris and the surrounding bays.

In Ciftlik, the sea is always bright and sparkling, and the beach covers the entire cove. At the same time, the beach and the surrounding area are completely covered with pine trees. Ciftlik Bay is also a popular destination for daily boats. For this reason, Çiftlik beach is lively during the day. The nearby Gebekse Cove is also a popular anchorage for yachtsmen.

Ciftlik Cove, Marmaris
Ciftlik Cove, Marmaris

Cennet Adasi Beach (Paradise Island Beach)

It is located on the “Cennet Adasi” (Paradise Island in Turkish) or by any other name “Nimera” peninsula covered with forests, 8 kilometers from the city center of Marmaris. It is one of the popular places for daily boat tours. Almost every boat stops here. The scenery on Paradise Island is magnificent. There are many nice restaurants and cafes around the island. You can spend a full day on the island without getting bored.

Paradise Island Marmaris
Paradise Island lives up to its name.

Akyaka Beach

Akyaka is 31.2 km from Marmaris. It is a holiday resort located in a beautiful bay between the sea and the hills covered with pine forests on the coast of Gökova Bay in the north. Akyaka, an old fishing town, has made important strides in the field of tourism over time and has become one of the popular holiday and tourism centers of the region. It is a place preferred by those who want to find peace in nature, away from the crowd.

Akyaka Beach is located in the city center and has a blue flag. The sea at Akyaka beach is very clear. It is shallow up to about 200 meters from the beach and offers an ideal sea pleasure opportunity, especially for families with children. There are also nice restaurants and cafes along the coastline.

Akyaka Beach, Marmaris
Akyaka Beach, Marmaris

Akcapinar Beach

Akcapinar is located approximately 30 kilometers north of Marmaris. It is famous for its “Eucalyptus road” and toasts. Cycling on the famous road decorated with eucalyptus trees is quite enjoyable and popular.

The sea, which has a sandy structure, is extremely shallow. It is a wonderful area, especially for those who are just learning to swim. When the wind is plentiful in the area where the beach is, kitesurfing is done. If you wish, you can also take the training in this wonderful activity from this area.

Famous Eucalyptus Road in Akcapinar

Boat Tours

Daily boat tours in Marmaris are one of the nice activities that can be done in Marmaris, especially for sea lovers. You can enjoy your Marmaris holiday to the fullest by participating in daily boat tours to the beautiful coves, islands, and bends in and around Marmaris, with tour boats on Uzunyalı and İçmeler beaches along the coast.

marmaris boat 2
Marmaris boat tours anchor in many bays and islands.


Marmaris Bay, which is a natural harbor, has three marinas with a capacity of 1100 and a harbor with a capacity of 1200 yachts. In order to develop yacht tourism in the region on the Blue Cruise route, International Yacht Festival and International Marmaris Yacht Races are organized every 5 years.

Marmaris International Yacht Races
Marmaris International Yacht Races attract a lot of attention.

Nightlife in Marmaris

Marmaris has a very lively and colorful nightlife. There are world-famous bars, discos, and nightclubs in the city. Three areas come to the fore in the nightlife in question. These are Bars Street, Uzunyalı, and İçmeler.

Marmaris Night Life
Life in Marmaris begins at night.

Bars Street

Bars Street is undoubtedly the most popular nightlife area of Marmaris. It is enough to enter one of the places that offer dozens of beautiful and different discos, bars, cafes, and live music while you are walking on the street of bars, which is a narrow street. The entertainment that started at night continues until the morning. Clubs and discos here are open until 4:00 in the morning.

Marmaris Bars Street
The bars street is quite bright at night!

Uzunyali Area

Uzunyalı Region; The second popular nightlife area of choice. Dozens of discos, bars, cafes, and places offering live music and animation are waiting for you along the Uzunyalı beach.

Top 10 Places in Marmaris Nightlife

  • Club Areena: Club Areena, one of the symbol venues of nightlife, is one of the most popular entertainment venues in Marmaris. With the performances of successful DJs and laser shows, the entertainment at Club Areena continues non-stop until 04.00 in the morning.
  • Crazy Daisy: It is a place that is described as the best disco in Marmaris. With the most successful music examples of popular culture, Crazy Daisy is a place where you can dance until the first light of the morning.
  • Joy Club: It is one of the places mostly preferred by foreign tourists. The Club, which makes you feel the enthusiasm of nightlife, is open 24 hours a day.
  • Bono Good Times Beach: It is a place where the sea during the day and delicious food and drinks stand out in the evening. At Bono Beach, which is preferred for a quiet evening, you can have pleasant conversations with your friends while sipping your drink and having your meal.
  • Arjantin Cafe Bistro: Argentina Cafe Bistro is the address for those who want to spend a pleasant and non-tiring evening with the unique view of Marmaris Harbor and its calm atmosphere. With soft music and delicious cocktails, it is a place where you can chat comfortably, away from loud music.
  • Marmaris Budha Bar: Located in the center of Marmaris, Budha Bar is one of the only addresses for those who love alternative music. It also hosts famous names with periodic concerts. Budha Bar accepts its guests between 14.00 and 03.00.
  • Greenhouse: It is one of the oldest bars in the city. It has a concept that the night starts with R&B Pop commercial music and continues with ocal house, trible house, and tech house music after 24.00 depending on the atmosphere. A popular venue for its DJ performances, quality music, and light shows, Greenhouse is open until 03.00 in the summer.
  • La Rocca: La Rocca is one of the best entertainment venue alternatives in the city, with its private parties and its music that starts calmly and gets moving. La Rocca, whose customers are mostly foreigners, is famous for its terrace and live music nights. The place is open every day between 10:00 and 03:30.
  • Back Street Bar: It is one of the oldest nightclubs in the city. Ideal for dancing and enjoying the night. Back Street Bar is open every day between 21.00 and 04.00.
  • Apple Bar: Apple Bar, which is mostly preferred by British tourists, is in Armutalan. The bar, which operates between 07.00 in the morning and 04.00 at night, offers breakfast and meal alternatives, as well as soft and alcoholic beverages.
Joy Club Marmaris
Joy Club is one of the most lively discos of Marmaris!

Ancient Cities in Marmaris

There are many ancient sites in Marmaris. Physkos (Beldibi, Asartepe), Amos (Hisarönü, Turunç), Bybassos (Hisarönü), Kastabos (Hisarönü), Syrna (Bayırköy), Larymna (Bozburun), Thyssanos (Söğütköy), Phoenix (Taşlıca), Loryma (Bozukkale) Kasara (Sparrow Harbor), Kedrai (Sedir Island), Euthena and Amnistos (Karacasöğüt). All cities, including Physkos, are small Carian cities. But the ruins of almost all of the others that have reached today do not go beyond the castle and wall parts.

Physkos Ancient City

Physkos is also known as the center of Caria Port City and other settlement cities in the region. Physkos, formerly known as the name of Marmaris, means “Nature City” in the Carian language. The reason why it is known as the city of nature is undoubted because it contains all the elements and beauties of nature. Remains of this important ancient port city, which can be traced back to 3400 BC, can be seen in Asartepe, north of Marmaris city center. It is similar to other ancient cities in the region as it was established in a sloped area.

Not many ruins have survived from the ancient city to the present day. The reason for this is that the materials in Physkos, which is a port city, are taken to other places by the sea and used for different purposes. If you do not have a special interest in ancient cities, you can skip this place.

Physkos Ancient City
Physkos Ancient City

Amos Ancient City

Located on a hill near Turunç, this ancient settlement has a theatre, a temple, and some statue bases. The history of the ruins dates back to the 3rd century BC. Although it has existed for thousands of years, the theater has survived to the present day in a very good condition. The theater has a seating capacity of 1300 people. The first archaeological excavations in the region were carried out in 1948 by the British George Ewart Bean.

The fact that more artifacts have survived compared to the Ancient City of Physkos provides a more enjoyable visit opportunity for those who visit the city. The viewing area, where the ancient city is located, is a place where time must be spared to spend time and watch the magnificent view of Marmaris.

Amos Theater Ruins
Amos Theater Ruins

Loryma Ancient City

Loryma Ancient City, located in Bozuk Bay at the southwest end of Bozburun Peninsula, is another historical place worth seeing. In the past, it was a strategically important place due to its location. There is no clear information about when and by whom the city was founded. The most impressive structure that has survived from the ruins scattered over a wide area, dominating the bay, is a very well-preserved castle on Burunbaşı.

Bozukkale Harbor, which also has a magnificent view, is an important stopping point for blue cruise boats and yachts. A difficult road awaits those who want to climb the hill. The cove, at the point where the ancient city is located, has managed to remain immaculate due to its distance from the center. This allows visitors to both see the ancient city and enjoy this cove.

Loryma Ancient City Ruins
Loryma Ancient City Ruins

Kedrai Ancient City

Sedir Island in the Gulf of Gökova is known for the ancient city of Kedrai and the famous Cleopatra Beach. Kedrai is one of the important items in the list of places to visit in Muğla. Kedrai, meaning cedar tree, was a war city surrounded by walls in ancient times. The history of the city dates back to the 6th century BC. From the Temple of Apollo in the Doric order in the city, only the stones used in its foundation have survived. In addition to the agora, various building ruins and the city necropolis located in the ancient city, there is a theater in the eastern part of the island, which faces north and is in very good condition.

Kedrai Marmaris
Ancient City Kedrai Among Olive Trees!

Hydas Ancient City

Located on the border of Turgut Village, 35 km from Marmaris, the Ancient City of Hydas appears as a hill settlement 275 meters above sea level. The history of the city dates back to the 4th and 3rd centuries BC. The city, which has the defensive walls of the ancient period, is also known for its ancient tombs with pyramid roofs. The region, where archaeological excavations and studies continued until 2005, is now open to tourism and awaits your visits.

Hydas Ancient City
Hydas Ancient City Pyramid Roof Tombs

Erine Ancient City

Named after St. This ancient site, which was named after the Irene Church, has ruins from the Hellenistic and Ancient Roman periods, although it has been heavily damaged. The ancient city, which is within the 20th km of the Marmaris-Datça road, is still an area where archaeologists work intensively.

Erine Ancient City
Erine Ancient City

Phoenix Ancient City

The ruins of Phoenix, a Carian city, are located on Asar Hill, 4 km outside Taşlıca Village. It is estimated that the history of the city dates back to 2400 years ago. The most important ruin is a temple. When you go up the hill, a mill welcomes you. We see that the city is spread over an area of 500 meters in total. You can easily observe the traces of the period in the ancient region, where the ruins are quite good.

Phoenix Ruins
Phoenix Ruins

Knidos Ancient City

Knidos Ancient City is 38 km from Datça city center. The history of the city dates back to 2000 BC. The city, which has many important ruins, especially the Aphrodite Statue, which is the “most beautiful woman statue in the world”, undertook the task of being the most important living and commercial center of the region in the past. With its unique landscape and important historical artifacts that have survived to the present day, Knidos is among the ancient cities of Marmaris to be seen.

Knidos Ancient City
The Ancient City of Knidos offers many architectural beauties.

Knidos Aphrodite
Knidos Aphrodite is the first female sculpture made naked in the world.

Bybassos Ancient City

Bybassos Ancient City was established on the slope of the hill where the ruins of today’s Orhaniye Village are located. The ruins of the city walls, which were used as a port in the Archaic and Classical periods, can be seen in a scattered land in the forest.

When we talk about the historical places to see in Marmaris, it is impossible not to mention the Temple of Hemithea. The Temple of Hemithea, located in the Bybassos Ancient City in the Hisarönü region, is thought to be a structure belonging to the Kasbatos period. The Temple of Hemithea and the ancient city of Bybassos, in which it is located, are among the most important historical monuments to be seen in the vicinity.

Temple of Hemithea
Temple of Hemithea


In addition, there are ancient cities such as Kasara, Syrna, Thyssanos, and Castabus, of which only a few remains remain today.

Nimara Cave

Although it is not an ancient city, we wanted to add it to the list. Nimara Cave, located on Cennet (Paradise) Island, is a very rich spot in terms of archaeological elements. The history of the cave dates back to 12,000 years ago. Excavations began in 2000. During the excavations, cutting and piercing tools and various objects were found in the cave. It can be visited since 2008.

Nimera Cave
Nimera Cave


Although Dalyan is not directly connected to Marmaris, it is quite close. It is only 86 kilometers from Marmaris. Especially the boat tour on the river and the world-famous rock tombs overlooking the sea are among the must-see places. The region, which covers Iztuzu Beach, which is the breeding ground of Caretta Caretta sea turtles, fascinates those who see it with its reed channel rivers and rock tombs.

When you go to Marmaris, be sure to stop by Dalyan!

Marmaris Food

Carrying the traces of both Aegean and Mediterranean Cuisine, Marmaris cuisine offers the opportunity to taste delicious dishes.

Olive oil dishes and seafood come to the fore in Marmaris cuisine. Salads prepared from vegetables and herbs grown in lands suitable for vegetable growing are a must for Marmaris tables. In Marmaris, which is very assertive in terms of meat dishes apart from olive oil and seafood, the most popular meat dish is cokertme kebab. Apart from that, stuffed zucchini flowers, black-eyed peas, and stuffed breasts are among the leading dishes of the city. At the same time, the most important flavor you should taste before leaving Marmaris is the world-famous pine honey unique to Marmaris. Almost half of the honey produced in Turkey is produced in this region.

Cokertme Kebab
Cokertme Kebab, one of the famous dishes of Marmaris


Black-eyed peas sour
Black-eyed peas sour

Marmaris Walking Tour Around City

Best Hotels in Marmaris for Accommodation

You can take a look at the best hotels in Marmaris on the TripAdvisor site, which is preferred by travelers and travelers: Trip Advisor Best Hotels in Marmaris

I hope you liked the detailed guide we prepared about Marmaris. Don’t forget to also check out our list of the best places in Turkey.

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